Qlik launches first Data Analytics Acceleration Centre

Qlik has partnered with Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology (VJIT) to launch a new Data Analytics Acceleration Centre. Inaugurated as the ‘Centre of Excellence in Analytics – powered by Qlik’, the first-of-its-kind centre is aimed at equipping future professionals with advanced data analytics skills and competencies.

The centre is the first dedicated facility to be supported by the Qlik Academic Program and underlines Qlik’s vision to make the next wave of professionals job-ready by empowering them with in-demand analytical skills and technical know-how.

Situated in the emerging IT city of Hyderabad, the Centre will serve as a dedicated point of contact for VJIT students and professors looking to collaborate for research opportunities and industry-academia partnerships in the area of data analytics. It will also serve as a point of confluence to share innovative ideas, and advanced concepts in data analytics, not just for individuals associated with VJIT, but also for professionals, industry bodies, and domain experts from across Hyderabad as well as the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking about the new centre, Souma Das, Managing Director, Qlik India, said, “Data might be the new gold for organizations, but there is an alarming gap between the global demand and supply of skilled data professionals. It was to address this disparity that we have launched this first-of-a-kind Centre of Excellence in partnership with VJIT.

We wanted to build on the impressive response that we have received for the Qlik Academic Program locally to further empower students with technical knowledge and practical expertise in data analytics. The vision is to create a large pool of talented, highly-proficient, and job-ready professionals equipped with advanced skill-sets to take on the challenges of an increasingly data-driven business landscape.”

Chairman of Anurag Group of Institutions (under which VJIT falls) and Member of Legislative Council, Telangana, Dr P. Rajeshwar Reddy said “Anurug Group welcomes the initiative taken by Qlik to launch the Academic Program at VJIT and for starting the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Analytics. Initiatives like these from the industry ensures that students are ready for the workforce and we are extremely pleased to be working with the world’s leading data analytics platform provider for this initiative.”

Siddhartha Ghosh, Professor CSE and Head of Training and Placements, VJIT, who leads the centre said, “2.5 quintillion bytes – that is the amount of data generated globally on a daily basis. The volume of data being created continues to increase, which is why building data analytics skills and competencies are becoming important for students today. I am delighted to be associated with the Centre of Excellence, which is supported by the Qlik Academic Program, and am confident it will play a major role in boosting data literacy and analytics skills amongst future professionals in the region.”

As part of the initiative, students and professors will have access to a computer lab equipped with 70 high-end computers, dedicated servers, and a leased line internet connection, in addition to a roof-mounted LCD and a Green Generator for power backup. Students at the centre can also access several training resources offered under the Qlik Academic Program such as Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC), analytics curriculum and community support to train themselves and enhance their data skills. With more than 60 students from VJIT already enrolled in the program, Qlik is targeting to empower 180 students annually through its Centre of Excellence.

Souma Das, Managing Director, Qlik India, added, “The Qlik Academic Program is growing at a healthy pace in India, and our partnership with VJIT for the Centre of Excellence has opened up many more opportunities to engage and collaborate with universities for different activities related to empowering the future workforce to be more data literate. With data analytics technologies and methodologies constantly evolving at a breakneck pace, the centre is well-positioned to support the next wave of professionals in making the transition to a data-led approach and augmenting their knowledge and skills.”

Prior to the centre’s launch, a group of students participated in an analytics hackathon conducted by VJIT, where five finalists were given the opportunity to present their findings and demonstrate the apps they built using Qlik Sense. Several innovative topics such as ‘The World Happiness Report’, ‘Analysis of Students’ Performance in Pre-Placement Tests’ and ‘Hidden Stories Using Qlik Sense’ were presented at the event generating great interest and buzz in data analytics amongst the student population.

Qlik also announced the launch of Qlik Sense Qualification in India. Students can select from two qualifications: Business Analyst Qualification or Data Architect Qualification. After completing a recommended list of learning modules in the QCC, they will have to pass a two-part exam. After which, students will receive a certificate and digital badge which can be used on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social sites.

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