Pureview begins local manufacturing of LCD monitors

DQW Bureau
07 Jul 2006

Pureview Technologies (PT) has begun manufacturing LCD monitors in
Pondicherry with a capacity of one-lakh units in the very first year. According
to Dhananjay Shah, MD, Pureview Technologies, this development has made them the
second company in India to do so.

LG is the only other comp-any, which has an active LCD monitor manufacturing
faci-lity. “Samsung also used to manufacture LCD monitors, but lately it looks
like they are importing mostly,” said Shah.

The manufacturing unit of Pureview has been set up on an already existing
manufac-turing facility in Pondicherry. However, Shah clarified that except for
hiring the premises, everything else starting from raw material to manpower
belongs to Purview.

What makes this manufac-turing facility unique is the full utilization of
indigenous raw materials. “To manufacture LCDs 61 raw materials are required.
We are procuring 59 of them locally. The only two things that we import are the
LCD panel and the logic board, making us very economical in our production,”
said Shah.

While Pureview's manufact-uring unit seemed more like an assembling unit,
Shah explain-ed, “World-over manufactur-ing is actually assembling and we are
also doing the same. What is more important is getting the 'gerber data'.”

Commenting on the quality of the products manufactured in this facility, Shah
said, “The technology has come from Japan and our Sri Lankan coun-terpart has
trained people manning the facility.”

With the manufacturing unit in place, Shah is optimistic about the
company's sales in the coming years. According to him, local manufacturing
will help the company reduce lead-time for marketing the prod-uct by more than
60 percent.

When asked whether local manufacturing would help bring down prices of LCD
monitors, Shah said, “A significant drop will purely depend on the volumes
that we will build in the market.”

Nelson Johny Mumbai, June 27

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