Puducherry IT partners asks for help

Government plays a very vital role in the development of any sector or industry and IT industry is no exception to it. Government policies have a positive impact on the industry if implemented properly with strict guidelines. Center and State policies should always be in sync, which will help the industry to grow.

Showing concern on the same, some partners from Puducherry shared their personal opinions with The DQ Week about the lack of government policies which are needed for the industry growth.

Arun Subhu of Qtech Services shared, “The IT market in Puducherry was down during demonetization like any other region’s market which got slightly better after December, but the sad part is no such government activity is there which could help the market to grow. It looks like Puducherry Government does not have any adequate funds for overall capital purchase. The government is not getting funds for IT infrastructure and also not getting into new projects. There is no great activity from the government’s side. Overall also no great investments are done by the government for the industry.”

Arun added, “Government should introduce more manufacturing projects in the state. This is could be a long term benefit. Government should not only promote tourism but also should promote business tourism. The main manufacturing happens in Chennai/Coimbatore only which is again a disadvantage, thus government should start looking for more options like create some infrastructure, where export could happen, air connectivity should be there. Since then government has done a lot in tourism thus should do this for IT sector growth also”.

Sridhar of Sukkra Traders, a local IT dealer in Puducherry told The DQ Week, “The IT market is quiet smooth nowadays, the only request from the state’s government is that Puducherry should get some extra benefits from GST because of the developing market here, also our major concern is the commission which banks get should be reduced.”

Sridhar also added, “Manpower is lacking in the state thus government should provide skill development centers in order to prepare the youth for the challenges in the field and to create more job opportunities in the IT industry.”


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