Priya launches new products

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Priya Ltd, a Mumbai-based distributor of IT products with branch offices in Chennai and Coimbatore, has launched a host of new products in the market recently - the Jazz (J7915A) home theatre and PC speaker system and Jazz (J2126B) PC speaker system, the M6VLQ VIA PLE 133T chipset which supports Intel Coppermine iBTualatin, the Krypton 32x CD writer, the Edimax (EW7122) wireless network PCI adapter and the Edimax (EW 7202CP) wireless network access point.

Priya has also announced attractive prices for some of its Krypton products. The Krypton 15" monitor will cost Rs 4,750, the 17" monitor will be Rs 7,050 and the Krypton 32x10x40 CDRW is priced at Rs 4,799. The products can be got from the following Chennai-based channel partners of Priya, namely, Delta (8587158), Balaji (8514273), Rahul (8527607), Uniaccess (8418818) and S3 Computers (8512179). 

Priya has also launched the Priya Channel Partner (PCP) scheme for resellers. "The reseller scheme was launched recently with the objective of further penetrating into the market," said TL Kumaramurthi, Senior Engineer at Priya Ltd.

On enrolling with Priya, the resellers are a given certificate of recognition as Priya Channel Partner. Priya will also provide them with POP material, regular technical support and direct warranty support from any of the Priya branch offices across the country. What's more, the PCPs will receive regular updates on upcoming products, in addition to support for attending the various roadshows that Priya organizes. The PCPs can also participate in Priya's many reseller schemes.

Priya's Krypton Master Blaster scheme for Jazz speakers is drawing to a close and Madurai-based Asian Computers and Chennai-based Calisys are contending for the coveted Krypton Master Blaster Award.

Over the past one month, Priya channel partners in Tamil Nadu, excluding Coimbatore, have been engaged in a game of cricket, where scores tally with the sale of Jazz speakers. The awards are many - Best Batsman (65 runs), Best Bowler (12 wickets), Best Fielder (20 catches), Best Allrounder (100 wickets, 20 catches and 5 wickets), Little Master Blaster (130 runs) and the Krypton Master Blaster award (295 runs, 40 catches and 17 wickets). While the company has kept the ultimate award a surprise mystery gift, other awards include air coolers, Akai walkmans, coffee/tea makers and Akai refrigerators.

Patricia Sridhar

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