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Pre- GST hours were the rain of sales, says Akola IT Dealers

When the whole nation was eagerly waiting for the historic tax reform to be implemented, the local IT traders in Akola region of Maharashtra before 2-3 days of the implementation were enjoying the hype in their business sales. The local dealers in the region witnessed a great amount of sale happening in the IT products.

As consumers all over the nation were aware of the fact that in the process to simplify the entire structure, the products will be shifted to different slabs and many products will get placed to a higher tax bracket and will get a hike in prices. People were aware of the fact that IT products will too get a hike in pricing thus focused on buying them two-three days before the implementation.

Since many of the IT products were expected to get expensive. Popular brands throughout the country offered massive discounts to clear remaining stocks of the products, but in Akola region the local IT dealers without offering any special discounts witnessed a great rain of sales on the business.

While talking to The DQ Week, I R Sadhmani of Atlas Computers shared, “The market was really okay last month. The moment we entered the last week before GST that was from 25th June onwards, we really witnessed a sudden increase in the sales”.

Sadhmani is a local IT dealer in Akola and his business includes dealing in IT products and computer accessories which witnessed an increase in the sales a week before GST implementation. According to him, increase in business was only for the last week of June. The market is back to the normal conditions as it was. Dealers have started billing with GST taxes and there are normal sales as such now.

The dealer in the talking further added that the real gems of the business sales were computer and laptops only.

On the other hand, Manish Agarwal of Asha Jyoti Computers shared that the main highlight of the good business in the last week of June was “Tally Software” only.

“Before GST implementation the sales were really good for last three days, in fact there were a huge demand of Tally GST- ready software and people demanded a great number of software’s subscription last month”, added Manish.

This was a great time for Tally software distributors as there was a great demand of the software as well as its subscription as people treated this as their preparation towards the approaching tax reform.


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