Powerware addresses SME needs

DQW Bureau
New Update


Powerware International is making inroads in the SME’s segment with the

launch of its PW 9120 UPS. Launched two months ago, the company has already

trained close to 40 partners in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The PW 9120 is a midsize UPS available in 1, 2, 3 and 6 kVA variants, with

features that address the need of the SME segment. Besides coming with an

Invensys patented advanced battery management technology, it also features load


These UPS come with two sets of outputs that can be categorized as critical

and non-critical. This gives users the flexibility to optimize the running of

machines attached to the power backup. “The PW 9120 is the only product in the

market today that carries this feature,” said Deepak Sharma, MD, Powerware


Since the product is targeted at the SME and a number of non-IT verticals

like medical and industrial organizations, the company's initial focus are metro

cities. “We will first establish a comfortable level of working with partners

in these cities,” added Sharma. The company will then move to expand its

presence for this product line in other parts of the country.

Mohit Chhabra