Pivot Magnetic Smartphone holder

Portronics Red Carpets Premium Magnetic Mobile Holder “Pivot”

Portronics, providers of portable digital products, has recently launched a premium and elegant Magnetic Mobile Holder: “Pivot”.

Pivot has a High Performance Magnetic Ball-Socket Mechanism built on an aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy body.  Pivot can hold all shapes & sizes of Mobile Phones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Notes, Tabs, HTC, etc. and GPS devices. With a firm base and complete 360 Degree rotation, Pivot is designed such that you get a clear view of your phone screen at all times and from all angles.

Now you can drive safely while viewing directions on the map or while talking on speaker phone. You do not need to hold the phone in your hands. Also Your Expensive Device remains Safe against falls during driving. (Portronics strongly recommends NOT using phone while driving).

You can also watch Online Cookery Videos on your Smartphone and make wonderful cuisines as Pivot magnetically holds your phone. Not only is your expensive device safer while using, but it also looks sophisticated. The internal electronics of your device remain absolutely safe too.

The base of Pivot is glued on the car dashboard or on working desk. Similarly a coin-shaped thin metallic strip is glued to the back of the mobile/mobile case. This metallic coin gets attracted to the magnetic face of Pivot when you want Pivot to hold the phone. It uses best quality 3M adhesive on the base of Pivot and on coin-shaped metallic strip to provide strong and safe operation.

It’s intelligently designed such that while driving, any reasonable shock will not detach the phone from Pivot, yet you can easily take your phone off Pivot with a simple sideward swipe. Also internal electronics of your device remains absolutely safe.

Pricing and Availability: Portronics Pivot is priced at INR 699/- and is available at both online and offline stores. Pivot is available in Golden, Silver and Grey color variants to suit your phone and car interiors and comes with a one year warranty.

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