Portronics launches Pen Stick- World’s smallest Selfie Stick

Portronics, a brand dedicated towards providing portable devices and gadgets with an aim to enhance the functionality and productivity of organizations and individuals, launches world’s smallest Selfie Stick – Pen Stick which can literally come into your pocket or purse.

Portronics Pen Stick has been designed with highly advanced and compact features. The Pen Stick has been built with Aluminium and Plastic Selfie Stick. The Pen Stick measures 12.5 cm when folded and is expandable up to 75 cm, making not only easy to carry on go but extremely adaptable for composing shots. This unique feature allows clicking of pictures much easier and without needing help of strangers to click your precious moments.

The innovative Pen Stick functions without battery system which makes it convenient to work anytime, anywhere. It comes with simple wire connection that plugs into the smart phones headphone jack to replicate the volume control shutter-release feature on both iOS and Android devices.

The solid grip of the adjustable sprung phone bracket makes it convenient for any cell phone measuring between 5 cm and 8.5 cm easy to hold. The bracket is rotatable to a full 360 degrees and tilt between 180.

Pricing & Availability: This innovative Selfie Stick is available at a price of Rs. 599 and to know more about availability visit http://www.portronics.com/

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