Police department automation to take another year

The two-year-old automation plan of the police department which will connect Police Headquarters (PHQ) with other police stations could not be completed due to the ‘unwillingness’ of the previous technical committee, according to police sources here.

However, reports suggest that the multi-crore-scheme is likely to take one more year. The scheme will be implemented in three phases. State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) has submitted a five-year plan of Rs 21 crore, and the technical committee has been assigned the task to implement the plan through the Laghu Udyog Nigam (LUN). The Laghu Udyog Nigam will invite tenders for the task.

In the first phase, different branches of police headquarters will be inter-linked. Presently, all branches do have computers, but some need to be inter-linked. Data related to concerned branches is available in the computers of different branches, but after inter-linking all computers, the data of all the branches can be available at any branch computer.

In the first phase, the different branches of police head quarters will be inter-linked, while in the second phase the computers at district levels will be inter-linked. All the police stations in the state will be connected with the PHQ in the final phase. Sources say the state police will certainly benefit with the computerization of all police stations. 

It may be recalled that more than two years ago, on the report of an Information Technology task force; the state government had approved the project and asked that a plan be prepared. Later, a seven-member technical committee was formed, which had to look at all aspects of the computerization plan. Perhaps the earlier task-force members had little knowledge about computers so as to arrive at an informed decision, failing which they did not take any interest in expediting the work, sources say.

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