Uma Ratnam Krishnan director

Polaris appoints Uma Ratnam Krishnan as director and N M Vaidyanathan as CFO

Uma Ratnam Krishnan and N. M. Vaidyanatham have joined Polaris.  Uma Ratnam Krishnam has joined as a Director on the Board and N. M. Vaidyanathan as a Chief Financial officer of the company.

Uma Ratnam Krishnan comes with rich working experience of 27 years in the financial services sector. This vast experience will help her in developing strategy and vision, conceptualizing, building and leading large cross-functional, geographically diverse teams.

N.M. Vaidyanathan also comes with vast working experience more than 20 years in various organizations. Vaidyanathan is a seasoned finance and operations leader. He has developed a unique way of expertise in creating and implementing strategic business plans, managing finances, allocating capital, optimizing operations and processes.

Vaidyanathan was recently associated with Vivimed Labs, an India-based global supplier of speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals as a Group CFO. And previously he has worked with the NSL Group of companies, Hostmann – Steinberg Inc (USA), Bilag Industries and Stock Holding Corporation.

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