Pioneer to focus on corporate segment

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Recognizing the promising demand for business applications across coope-rates

domain, Delhi based Pio-neer Enterprises is now look-ing expanding its partners

footprint for its consumer product. In this direction, the company is looking at

strate-gic tie-ups with Corporate.

The main driver for this trend after been playing good innings in channel

business for last three to four years are non conducive environment,

un-realistic targets set by principal companies, wafer thin margins and

counterfeit cartridges etc practices have forced him to look out for new sale

segments where margins are assured and workability informed Puneet Singhal. He

further informed that he would be focusing more on strategic ties up with larger

corporates and PSU. He has map out clear-cut route to reach to his objective by

opening up of more bran-ches, reducing delivery timing, providing pricing

guidance about considerable products and Punnet also emphasized on cost per page

solutions for corporate domain.

For this paradigm shift there are almost five staff members including Punnet.

He is accepting almost twenty to thirty percent sale growth with its new

corporate business.

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