PCAIT aims to unite Delhi's channel community under one platform

DQW Bureau
11 Apr 2005


The IT channel community of Delhi, the nation's capital, has finally found

a voice. It has come in the form of a brand new association called Progre-ssive

Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT). Led by RK Malhotra as

the first President, the association was formally unveiled recently in a

function in Delhi.

The vision of the associa-tion is "A mature, open association

Co-creating the growth and harnessing the potential of the Information

Technology Industry governed by ethical, fair, business practi-ces and setting

standards for the benefit of all". And the mission is "Work together,

Build together, Progress together".

How did this association come into being? What prompted it? Elaborated

Malhotra, "Our industry, particularly the channel community, has a vast

pool of managerial, technical and entrepreneurial skills. Most of them are

educated, ambitious and highly successful in their own domain. It would not be

an exaggeration to say that as a businessman, if you are successful in north,

you can virtually succeed anywhere. Therefore, a dire need was felt to

channelise such immense resources for the mutual benefit of the industry and

organizations with a predominant focus on growth and integrate such them

nationally as well as globally."


Accordingly, a group of 15 like-minded people representing various

organizations volunta-rily came forwarded last year in May to convert this dream

into a reality. During the ensuing 10 months, more than 20 meetings were held at

different locations to identify the Vision, Mission and Objectives of PCAIT. And

finally, all the hard work of these 15 Progressive Men became a reality in March

2005 when the association was formally registered with the authorities.

Said an elated Malhotra, "If I were to summarize the vision, mission and

objectives of the association, I would say-what CII is to the Indu-stry, what

NASSCOM is to the Software Industry, PCAIT is going to be to the IT


But what's so unique about this association? Well, there are several

aspects, which differentiate PCAIT from other industry associations. First, the

focus is on growth and integration of the channel community with the global IT

scenario. Second, the mem-bership of PCAIT is only by invitation so that only

those members are inducted who think alike, are in sync with its objectives and

are willing to contribute to the same. Third, the decisions of the Executive

Council are by consensus and no voting is allowed. And fourthly, all the

activities of PCAIT are focussed through six committees. Each commi-ttee is

fully empowered to take decisions to achieve the objectives set out by the



Added Ranjan Chopra, the Vice President of PCAIT, "We have long plans

ahead. PCAIT will not function like a conventional IT association but is poised

to become magnificent and a force to reckon with in the coming months. Our

ambitions are global and we will strive our best to achieve it."


  • To bring IT community under a single platform
  • To interface with other associations
  • To settle disputes among members if any
  • To promote ethical and legal business practices
  • To work for the betterment of the members and their


  • To organize seminars, workshops and trade shows for the

    growth of IT industry

  • To conduct events and celebrations

  • To interface with Government bodies

  • To have an IT Plaza

  • To interface with NGOs, charitable organizations,

    societies etc to promote and support IT literacy and

IT dissemination


To support persons, NGOs, charitable organizations, societies

etc in need of emergency help and to promote social cause as per needs and


To evolve, articulate and implement appropriate guidelines/standards on various

aspects of IT industry.

If you want to become a member of this association, contact:

V Krishnan, Executive Secretary, PCAIT, 1A, Mohammadpur, Adjacent to Bhikaji

Cama Place,

New Delhi 110066.

Tel: 011-26109775/26105431/51681703/9811211083.


Various Committees

Membership/PR/ Sponsorship/Publicity

  • Asim Raina

  • Ranjan Chopra

  • Sanjay Mittal

Growth & Standards

  • Ashish Agarwal

  • Kapil Wadhwa

  • Sanjiv Bhavnani



  • Ajaya Kumar

  • Sujeet Narula

Govt & Social Affairs

  • JP Modi

  • S Nautiyal


  • Alok Gupta

  • Devendra Taneja


  • Keshav Madhav

  • Saket Kapur


Any firm, society, company or division thereof, registered or incorporated

in India and conducting business in IT, Internet, e-commerce, dealing in

computer hardware/consumables or any other IT-related services, and/or

associated services is eligible to apply for membership provided:

  • Its main activity is IT related directly or indirectly
  • It has been in existence for a minimum period of three years in IT-related

    business activity directly (Those with less than three years of existence

    may apply for Associate Membership)
  • Membership is by invitation and approval by Executive Council.

DQW News Bureau

New Delhi