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"Organizations should be people centric in the new economy," said Nandan Nilkani, MD and COO, Infosys Technologies Ltd. He was speaking at the final day of the Partnership Summit organized by CII. The session was on `New Brand of Entrepreneurship in the New Economy'. He explained how entrepreneurship can be nourished in these

organizations by developing a partnership with employees and creating a culture for recognizing the ideas.


He was of the view that to meet global requirements a global brand should be built and cost, speed and quality is a necessity rather than a philosophy. It is very much true because the software industry is catering to the global clients.

He added that while serving the global market, the capital market for the organization also turns global. It has helped the new economic organizations to professionalise on the investor relationship by providing the information required by global investors. 

Ramesh Gelli, Chairman and MD, Global Trust Bank (GTB), traced the history of how GTB, which is also a new economy organization, was formed. He emphasized the importance to identify the entrepreneurship strengths in the people in the organization. He pointed out that his organization utilized the technology to transform itself into a new economy organization and to cater the needs of their customers. 


N K Sabarwal, Director, (Asia Pacific), World Intellectual Property Organization said that his organization has 175 members. Its objective is to reward creativity and to promote intellectual property contents. He also said that in the new economy, there is a shift in valuation process from the tangible assets to the intangible. He said that these intangible assets of the new economy are capable of the creating assets. He also said that they are creating user friendly Intellectual Property systems. 

In his address, Ross Graham, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University, pointed out how the entrepreneurship is effectively utilized by the new economy in the capital market, product market, in the talent market. While explaining the emerging trends in the talent markets, he highlighted that the new ideas need to be respected and should be utilized in the old economy organization as in the new economy organization. 

Earlier Sunil Kanth Munjal, MD, Hero Cycles Ltd and Chairman of the session, said that while initiating the discussions, he said that the entrepreneurship is the same in the new and the old economy.