PATIALA : Patiala catches up on the IT path

The early history of the founders of Patiala state is more of a myth and mystery than reality, the rulers of the erstwhile states of Patiala, Nabha and Jind trace their ancestry to one Chaudhary Phul. Apparently the appellation of dynasty ‘Phulkain’ is derived from their common founder.

One of his sons, Chadhary Ram Singh was baptized and blessed by Guru Gobind Singh. His sons Ala Singh assumed the leadership in 1714 when Banda Bahadur was engaged in the fierce against the Mujghals. A man with vision and courage, Ala Singh carved out an independent principality from a petty Zamindari of 30 villages. Under his successors, it expanded into a big state, touching the Shivaliks in north, Rajasthan in the South and upper courses of the Jamuna and Sutlej while confronting the most trying and challenging circumstances.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, Baba Ala Singh, unlike many of his contemporaries, displayed tremendous courage and shrewdness in dealing with the Mughals, Afghans and Marathas and successfully established and maintained a state which he had started building up bit by bit from its nucleus Barnala.

District Informatics Officer

NIC Computer Cell
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In 1763 Baba Ala Singh laid the foundation of the Patiala fort known as Qila Mubarak, around which the present city of Patiala is built. After the third battle of Panipat in 1761 in which the Marathas were defeated, the writ of the Afghans prevailed through out Punjab. It is at this stage that the rulers of Patiala began to acquire ensigns of royalty. Ahmed Shah Abadali bestowed upon Ala Singh furm and banner, after latter’s death, his grandson Amar Singh succeeded and received the title of Raja-I-Rajjan. He was also allowed to strike coins.

After forty years of ceaseless struggle with the Mughals, Afghans and Marathas the borders of the Patiala state witnessed the trailing blaze of Ranjit Singh in the North and the other of the British in the east. Bestowed with the grit and instinct of survival, making right choice at right time the Raja of Patiala entered in a treaty with the British against Ranjit Singh in 1808, thus becoming collaborators in the ground empire building process by the British in the sub-continent of India. The British treated the rulers of Patiala, such as Karam Singh, Narinder Singh, Mahendra Singh, Rajinder Singh, Bhupinder Singh and Yadvindra Singh with respect and dignity.

Rural Urban
Male 5,62,858 2,45,408
Female 4,92,372 2,20,692
Total 10,55,230 4,66.100

It was Maharaja Bhupinder Singh (1900-1930) who gave the Patiala State a prominent place on the political map of India and in the field of international sports. Most of the building with very nice architectural designs were constructed during his reign. His son Yadvindra Singh was among those Indian princesses who readily came forward to sign the instrument of accession, thus facilitating the process of national integration. In recognition of his services, he was appointed the Rajpramukh of the newly established state of PEPSU

Patiala has come up well on the industrial front since the last 20 years. All the important towns of the district like Patiala, Rajpura, Nabha, Dera Bassi and Samana have developed on the industrial front. Various type of industries have been established in the district, which includes : Textile, Cutting Tools, Milk Products, Bulk Drugs, Conduit Pipes, Pesticides, Casting and Forging, Vanaspati Ghee, Biscuits, Rice Milling, PVC Pipes, Furniture, Agriculture Implements and Engineering Goods .

116 large and medium size industries are already working in Patiala. Similarly, around 12,400 small-scale industries are working in the district with an investment of 255 crores and provides employment to 39,300 persons. 26 industrial units, specially in Dera Bassi area are in export business and are exporting materials like cotton yarn, chemicals, engine parts, biscuits and malted food products.

For the development of industries, government has established four industrial focal points at Rajpura, Dera Bassi, Patiala, Nabha. For the industrialization of rural areas, government has notified eighteen Rural Focal Points for the district.

Patiala and Nabha towns are known for household industries of Fancy and Colourful Waist Cords (Naala) and Hair Tying Cords (Praandi) and Jutties. Patiala city has quite a distinction in Zari and Gota works.

Prominent industries in Private sector is Milkfood Ltd. Which is situated in Bahadurgarh, about 11 km. From Patiala City.

This unit produces Dhesi Ghee, Milk Powder and sterilized flavored milk.

The Geetse Escorts India Ltd, another important factory in this district manufacturing auto pistons and rings. Well known beverage ‘Horlicks’ is manufactured at Nabha.

The Government of India in collaboration with Punjab Government has established diesel components workshop at the Northern Fringe of Patiala City with the total investment of about Rs 100 crores.

A free enterprise zone is being set up at Focal Point is coming up at Lalru.

Major buyers

  • Gazebo Industries
  • Siel Chemical Complex
  • Kartar Agro Industries P Ltd
  • Patiala Distillers and Manufacturers Limited Samana Cotspin Ltd.
  • Amrit Vanaspati Corp Ltd
  • Dalmia Biscuits Factory Pvt Ltd
  • Industrial Cables Ltd
  • Roadmaster Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Sri Ram Group of Industries.
  • Piccadaly Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd. Samana Distt. Patiala
  • Patiala Distillers & Manufacturing Ltd. Vill Main Distt. Patiala
  • Sukhna Paper Mills Ltd. Vill. Nagla Distt. Pataila

Major Resellers

Aay Vee Comtech

XFF, Ashirwad Building
Leela Bhawan, Patiala
Tel: 225249

Alfa Comptuers
#22,Phatak,Opposite Khel Sahib Gurudwara
Tel: 0175-309551, 700551

Computer Empire
SCO-19, Leela Bhawan Market
Tel: 306998, 700289

Fairdeal Computers
Shop #6, SCF-17
Leela Bhawan Complex, Patiala
Tel: 0175-220444, 700288

Forte Computers
#35-35-A, New Buddha Dal Complex
Lower Mall, Patiala
Tel: 224664, 209058

Guru Kirpa Communications
SCO #40-41, Basement
Leela Bhavan, Patiala
Tel: 209440

Goodwill Computers
SCO #25, Budha Dal Complex
Near Petrol Pump, Patiala
Tel: 223193, 229893

H.S. Computer
Datar Enclave, First Floor
Leela Bhawan Market, Patiala
Tel: 70485, 704986

IBM (Mansarova Infotech Pvt. Ltd.)
#40-41, First Floor
Leela Bhawan Complex, Patiala

Infotech Computer Technologies

Ashirwad Building, Ground Floor
Leela Bhawan, Patiala

Intel System & Services
First Floor, Dhillon Building
Brar Street, #22, Phatak, Patiala
Tel: 304060, 203060

IT Solutions
SCO-26, Leela Bhawan Complex
Tel: 0175-305965

Kailash Computers
SCO-56, Budha Dal Market, Patiala
Tel: 204827, 303807

Modem Tech Computers
Main Road, Gurbax Colon
Tel: 700687

Network Business Group
Sector-2, First Floor, Mini Market
Opp. Kohli Sweets, Patiala
Tel: 221432, 225307

Market, Dharampura Bazar
Tel: 228080, 225150

Ratanab & Co.
Gaushala Road
Tel: 205235

Sainik Computers
SCF-48, Leela Bhavan Complex
Tel: 204543

Sharp Products Mahima Telecom (P) Ltd.
Sherawala Gate
The Mall, Patiala

Singltech Systems
House # 19, New Grain Market
Sirhind Road, Patiala
Tel: 356287

Shop #49, Leela Bhawan
Tel: 225917, 701196

The Computer Empire
#19, Leela Bhawan Complex
Tel: 306998, 700289

Unique Computers
SCF-1/7, Leela Bhawan Complex
Tel: 703210, 703310

V3 Computers
#28, Gain Colony
Tel: 303021

Virak marketing Agency
Lahori Gate, Near Bus Stand

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