Partners in J&K lose Rs 15 crore in 2 months

DQW Bureau
New Update


The two month-long agitation over the Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti land in J&K

has finally come to an end with businesses resuming their normal routine.

Partners in the valley have started calculating the losses suffered by them

during the entire period. The closing day saw the partner community wearing a

long face, as for a few the losses accounted for over Rs 80 lakh. Amidst a mixed

feeling of victory and huge commercial losses, partners are positive that

business will regain its normal pace in another 15 to 20 days.

After a complete shutdown of business for almost 60 days and zero percent

sale, the biggest challenge among the channel community is to make payments to

vendors for the stock taken from them. Rakesh Gupta of Source Peripherals, Jammu

informed, “Our average sales during the month of July and August was Rs 40 lakh

each month, and as a result of the complete shutdown in the entire region our

losses stood at Rs 80 lakh for the period.”

Apart from the loss due to zero sales, resellers in the region are also

required to meet their regular commercial expenses which include the staff

salary, rental payments, etc, and they have to meet these expenses from their

pockets. Gupta said, “We have 15 employees and we have to pay them salary even

though there was no activity at the stores. The salary alone stands at around Rs

28,000 per month, and then we have to pay rent for the premise also, which is

again something that cannot be delayed or pushed ahead.”

In the absence of any banking facility available in the region partners'

payments to vendors has been pending for long. As banks have resumed operations

at their branches in the two cities, channel partners have started drawing

cheques, overdrafts, etc in favor of their respective vendors.

For Sanjay Langer of AGM Sales Corporation, Jammu, the losses stood at a

shocking Rs 2.5 to 3 crore from sales alone. “Apart from this, we have

calculated an amount close