Partner in police custody

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The Jalandhar police have taken Amit Patyal, CEO, Sree Saar Computers into

their custody. Patyal has been charged of borrowing Rs 70 to 80 lakh from a

police official in town and not being able to return it as one of his business

partners have fled taking the amount with him.

According to dealers in Jalandhar, it is not yet clear whether Patyal is

actually guilty of any activity or whether he is being harassed by the police on

false charges. The matter is expected to get clear in court where Patyal has

been called to put forward the details of the entire matter.

For the last one and half years, Patyal was importing IT products and

peripherals from China and was making profit from the margin. Soon after getting

into this business, Rajiv Chopra and Rajan Chopra, brothers from a non-IT market

joined hands with him in business. For financial assistance, Chopra and Patyal

borrowed Rs 80 lakh from a local police official, which according to the channel

partners, is a trend in Jalandhar.


Recently, Rajiv Chopra was reported to be missing from the town. When the

police began tracking him they found he had fled to Bangkok taking the cash with

him. There was no trace of his brother Rajan. Later, the police arrested Patyal

on charges of carrying out fraudulent activities.

Ravinder Bhumbla, President, Jalandhar Com­puters' Dealers Association (JCDA)

informed that Patyal was a genuine dealer and the association was ready to offer

him support if he is innocent and his family approaches them for help.

“The association does not have a clear picture of the case. Otherwise, Patyal

was a genuine dealer and we are ready to offer him support if he is innocent. We

have spoken to his family members and conveyed this message to them as well,”

shared Bhumbla.

Amarjeet Singh Kumar, VP, JCDA shared that the association will have a

meeting with Patyal's family members and would seek the details from them about

the matter, so that all possible support can be offered to them.

The family members of Patyal could not be contacted to comment on the matter.