Park holds dealer meet in Haryana

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In a bid to drive its market in Gurgaon and Faridabad, Park Electronics

conducted an AOC dealer meet in association with its local dealer-OMS in Gurgaon

and Computer Aid and Pushpa Sales Corp in Faridabad. The meet was held on July

18 and July 22, respectively, and both events were attended by around 60-70

leading dealers in the region.

During the meets, participants got the chance to check out the latest AOC

products that were put on display. The range included monitors from 16 to

26-inches, green TFT monitors that are said to consume about 18-21 watts, and a

monitor with a USB and digicam card slot. The monitor comes pre-loaded with a

software that allows the user to simply plug and play movies without having to

install any software.

Saurabh Grover, DGM Sales & Marketing, TPV Technology

Group at the event in Gurgaon
GD Bhargava, CEO, The Computer Park addressing people

in Faridabad

Also announced was a scheme in which dealers can win prizes ranging from

T-shirts to trolley bags, depending on the number of units they sell.

GD Bhargava, CEO, The Computer Park shared, “Across Haryana we are recording

sales of about 800-850 monitors a month, and in Gurgaon the figure is at about

250 a month.” Bhargava elaborated on AOC's strategy of promoting regional

distributors and how this is beneficial for dealers. “Not all dealers get to

interact with the CEO of a vendor company. Through the appointment of a regional

distributor, the gap is reduced. Here, all the local dealers know the district

distributor,” pointed out Bhargava.

Also present at the event was Saurabh Grover, DGM-Sales and Marke­ting, TPV

Technology Group, the makers of AOC, who shared that the company was currently

embarking on a drive to promote the brand through its distis. “This month we are

covering Haryana. Our next stop will be Karnal. We started out by concentrating

on major cities and ensuring our presence there. It has been about one and a

half years since we started our focus on B and C-class cities and while the

Haryana focus is going on simul­taneously we have dealer meets happening across

the country like in Pune and Cochin,” shared Grover.