Park Group to distribute Sony PS2 to channel

DQW Bureau
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Adding another product to its already vast portfolio of IT products, Park

Group is all set to capitalize on its well-established presence in the Delhi and

Haryana markets. The disti recently added Sony PS2 to its basket of offerings

and will distribute it to channel through its 400 plus dealers in Delhi and

around 250 in Haryana.

Ajaya Kumar,

MD, Park Group

“Our target is going to be niche. But we feel that we should easily be able

to sell about 150-200 units a month,” stated Ajaya Kumar, MD, Park Group. He

added that in the past they had been getting a lot of inquiries from the IT

channel about the product, so they passed on the feedback to Sony.


Speaking about the market and how their plans for PS2, Kumar stated, “We have

a huge portfolio of products. We are covering all channels with our products,

and there is no major dealer who we do not know and would like to partner with.

So we will be using this strong channel base to ensure the successful sales of

PS2 as well.”

On the marketing activities that are planned for this product Kumar shared

that they have started with sending out SMSes and e-mails to all their dealers

to inform them about the addition to their portfolio.

While more plans are on the anvil Kumar preferred to let them materialize

before sharing details on them.

From Sony, apart from PS2, Park also has the exclusive dealership of VAIO and