The Panoramic Network Camera from Globus Infocom

DQW Bureau
19 Jul 2022
The Panoramic Network Camera from Globus Infocom

Globus Infocom, an India technology house has come up with GNCS-PP5F02-WSB 180° Panoramic Bullet Network Camera, it delivers picture-perfect images for applications that demand the widest possible field of view from a single camera.

This 180° Panoramic Bullet Network Camera has one sensor and records a 180° horizontal field of view and a 95° vertical field of view for panoramic viewing. This camera gives more flexibility to capture a larger area and to produce a thorough 180° perspective just from 1 Camera. To produce a clear image even under the most difficult lighting circumstances, this 180° Panoramic Bullet Network Camera has a number of features, including a Sony Starvis Sensor, True Wide Dynamic Range, Contrast, Backlight correction, White Balance Resolution Control and 180° IR Coverage.

Each of these cameras can be used as an extension on an IPPBX because of this camera's compatibility with the SIP protocol. It does away with the requirement to install an IP PA system and combines surveillance and public address into one convenient solution. In the event of specific occurrences, Globus Network Cameras' SIP protocol enables users to call and transfer live-view and real-time sound to the recipient's VOIP telephone, which is more expedient and effective than sending an email. The built-in microphone on this camera allows recording, listening to, and capturing audio. In the event of specific situations, this functionality enables operators to record the audio and visual evidence.

It has many unique features like In-Built AI based video content analytics crowed with higher accuracy thanks to pre-trained deep learning mechanism. This network camera has a unique feature to deliver high detailed colour image even in the extremely challenging low light conditions reaching upto 0.001Lux without any supplementary lighting making the camera an actual Dark-Fighter. With the built-in microphone this camera is able to provide purer speech. It is worth mentioning that the camera hardware is constituent of PTFE Membrane to safeguard the built-in microphone, ensuring IP67-rating intact. The well-designed Integrated Junction Box ensures efficient cable management and easier installation. Price not mentioned.

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