PANIPAT: City of weavers weaving IT dreams

District Panipat has a very glorious place in the History of India. It is said that, at the time of battle of MAHABHARAT, the five villages which were demanded by the PANDAVAS from DURYODHANA, ‘PANPAT’ was also one of those, Later on which was Converted in the name of PANIPAT. This district, which is situated 90 KM from Delhi (National Highway Number – 1) on ‘ Sher Shah Suri Marg’ has a significant importance in the history. Three major battles were fought here which has converted Indian History a new way.

Panipat city is famous in India by the name of City of Weaver. Panipat District has significant place in International Market for “Handloom Production”. Darri, Carpet Mat, Table Cover, Bed sheet, Bed Cover, Curtain etc. are export to Canada, Japan, Germany & Australia.

In addition to the above Panipat city is the biggest center of “Shoddy Yarn” in the World. Blankets prepared through Handloom and Power loom are sent to soldier. The sub division Samalkha of this district is famous for Foundry of Agriculture instruments. In this way, this district, which is continuously developing on the base of industry, has unlimited employment. Not only from Haryana but Businessman, Engineer, unemployed worker artist Weavers and labor from other state of India visits here in search of employment and settled here permanently.

IT is also fast catching in this city. One could also see iMAC on display in a retail outlet. This is a big export zone for India and Haryana. Panipat is trying its best to leverage on the IT revolution. The new generation has already started migrating to IT technologies. IT education institutes are in ample, in fact the computer education is supposed to be the key to a successful career here. Most of the export units are also slowly migrating towards the IT enabled technologies.

Small Scale Industries are also growing up in this district tremendously. The investment limit of plant and Machinery of SSI units has been increased from Rs 60 Lakh to Rs 1 crore. The eligible units are given incentives of Sales Tax Exemption/deferment. Exemption from Electricity Duty for 5 Years, priority letter for Telephone/ power connection and Marketing Assistance etc., problems of Industrial units are also solved by the Department through Single Window Service Committee.

The major buying constitutes of the export houses and major industrial units near this city. Major buying happens through the resellers in Sonipat and casual buying from the Nehru Place. The home segment is still miniscule. The buying by export houses is one off and emulates a SOHO segment. Incidentally here an assembler can earn as much as he can bargain for. On and average a system assembler earns atleast Rs 3,000 on a machine, which is considerably high for a SOHO segment PC.

Geographical details
City is situated on Shershah Suri Marg 90 KM from Delhi. The three sides of this district touches other district of Haryana viz Karnal in North, Jind in West and Sonipat in South and in East touches with Uttar Pradesh accross

Panipat was the part of District Karnal till 31 October, 1989, which was upgraded as a separate District, including Assandh Tehsil of district Karnal. When the District was reformed on 01 January,1992 Assandh Tehsil was excluded from this District.

E-mails used by the district administration for: 

a. Rain fall and Flood Report during Rainy Season.
b. Email connectivity to DRDA, Distt. Courts, Haryana Public Health Department, Transport office etc.
c. Email facility to DFSC,Haryana Agriculture Marketing Board, Education Department,DSWO,DSO,CMO etc.
d. NICNET was also extensively used for various Data Transmission purpose viz. MOVIES,
NGIS, HMIS, HCDS, ICDS, CM Announcement.

In addition to above mentioned implemented software a number of Reports/Statements also taken by the District Administration and various other office Daily/Weekly and Monthly basis.

Land Records Computer Centre was setup and Terminals installed their for Data entry of Land Records.
HARIS implemented at Tehsil, Panipat.

House Tax Survey software has been implemented and data entry work completed successfully.

The milestones on Industry here:

  • Town has three major projects under public sector – IOC Refinery, NFL and Thermal Power Station
  • Biggest Center in the world for producing Shoddy Yarn.
  • Biggest Center in the Country for producing low priced blankets.
  • Biggest Center in the Country engaged in Export of Cotton Durries, Made ups, Throws and Mats.
  • Largest consumer of rags for re-processing.
  • Panipat Town is a very old supplier of Barrack Blankets to the Armed Forces.
  • Samalkha, a smaller town near Panipat, is known for the foundry work and supply of Agriculture machinery to nearby UP
  • A very high per day wage for the labor viz-a-vis national average- a worker earns Rs. 70/- to 120/- per day on Handloom/
  • A town has infrastructures such as Rail, Road and ICDS (Inland Container Depots ) best suited to Industry and Export.

Major Buyers
DRDA, Animal Husbandry Department, Mines&Geology department, HUDA, Dairy Development Board,
HSIDC, JDGFT, Horticulture department, Panipat Oil Refinery, National Fertilizer Limited, Panipat, Nestle, Dhillon Cool Drinks (PEPSI),
Paliwal Exports, Panipat, Thermal Power Station, Pan Food Ltd, Panipat

Major Resellers>>>>>>>>

Skylark Building
NK Road Hazratganj Road
Lucknow. Tel: 200256/216735

Aastha Distributors
Shop No 8-B, Ist Floor
naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 9838030564

ABM Trade Linkers
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 98380160017/222489/281944

Rohit Bhawan
Sencond Floor, Sparu Marg
Tel: 225591/214101

1, Fairdeal House
34, Lal Bagh
Lucknow. Tel: 500259

Ask Export Pvt Ltd
Shop No 9, Ist Floor
Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel: 215776.

Bansal Infotech
Besides Indusind Bank
(Basant Cinema
Lucknow. Tel: 200001/9839001014

Capital Equipment
102, Murli Bhawan
Ashok Marg
Tel: 272205/273796

Classic Computer
Shop No 7, Ist Floor
Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 273474/200733 Ext 169

Computer City
45/4, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel:

Computer India Infotech
Ground Floor, Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272243

Computer Infotech
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Shop No 20
Lucknow. Tel: 9838031586

Computer Shack
16, Station Road
Chintel’s House
Lucknow. Tel: 635218/635219

Computer Zen Services
Ist Floor, Fairdeal House
Lucknow. Tel: 231406/9839019268

Coolex & Co
41-TN Road Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Delhi Computer
Shop No 2, Fairdeal House
Tel: 274174

Diskman Computer
Shop No 4, Naza Market
Tel: 9838023996

Elevin Infosys
211, Ganj Plaza
Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

HA Compused Technology Pvt Ltd
Ist Floor, Naza Building
Lucknow. Tel: 214141 Ext 233

Khemka Computer
A-1, Basement
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 272029

Lucknow Computer & Software
F-5, Homawazir Chamber
Luknow. Tel: 214141

Micro System
Naza Building Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel:

Migra Electronics Ltd
9AB-Block, Dalippur Towers
Lucknow. Tel: 231065/283875/76/77

MS Computer
G-07, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Tel: 274630/9628530614

Nasco Computer
Shop No 1, 2nd Floor
Market Lalbagh
Lucknow. Tel: 9838032048

Odyssey Computer
IInd Floor, Naza Market
Tel: 216746/9838029001

Pentacle System
30, Hazrat Ganj
Lucknow. Tel:

Peutronics System
78/148, Kuharwali Gali
Ganesh Ganj
Lucknow. Tel: 281736

Rama Infotech Pvt Ltd
26, Naryan Market
Tel: 213356/9839019499

Shakti Informatives
B-6/7, Ist Floor
Sameera Plaza
Lucknow. Tel: 273474 Ext 135

Shivam Enterprises
Shop No 4, IIIrd Floor
Lucknow. Tel: 9839019491

Softex Computers
G-9, Murli Bhawan
10-A, Ashok Marg
Lucknow. Tel: 270174/9838029175

SV Computer
Ist Floor, Naza Market
Lucknow. Tel:
273474 Ext 120

16, Rana Pratap Marg
UPTEC Crossing
Lucknow. Tel:

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