Palpap’s InsPro Plus powers Periyar University

Chennai-based Palpal Ichinichi Software International has installed its InsPro Plus version 1.4.1 (University edition), a university automation package, at the Periyar University, Salem. The InsPro Plus comes in three editions – the university edition, college edition and school edition.

“The University Edition of InsPro Plus assists to manage the university completely beginning from the admission of the candidates till the student is certified. The key feature of this package is its ability to monitor the superlative and deficient performance the students and colleges continuously with all relevant information so that the management is always tuned in to their current status of performance thus helping them to take remedial steps and also encourage students to achieve excellence in their careers,” says the Chairman & CEO of Palpap, P Senthil Kumar.

“The University Edition of the InsPro Plus Software Package helps us run the University effectively, as it makes it paperless aiding in safer operations and thus assisting us to take decision faster and to provide best services to colleges and students in a prompt manner,” said the Vice Chancellor of Periyar University.

The Periyar University has also selected Palpap Ichinichi Software International as the regional center for its distance education courses.

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