Palm-sized accessory for PC

DQW Bureau
13 Mar 2006


Neoteric unveiled Matrox Dual Head2Go — the external

multi display upgrade for your laptop or PC. The new Matrox DualHead2Go enables

you to attach two displays to your laptop or desktop computer without opening

the chassis.

This palm-sized acces­sory uses your system's single

analog monitor output (VGA output) to generate two separate display outputs. It

simply connects to the external monitor connector of a computer and divides the

signal for two separate monitors — there are no parts to insert in a computer

and no hardware or software is replaced. This product adds support for an extra

display while leveraging the perfor­mance of your existing graphics hardware.

The extra display allows more informa­tion at a time to be viewed and this can

lead to improve­ments in productivity and help reduce errors. Dual Head2Go

allows you to run your Windows desktop at up to 2560 x 1024 resolution in 16.7M

colors at 60Hz stretched across two displays.


A single display workspace physically limits the amount of

information that users can see. Constantly having to open and close application

windows can be cumbersome and time consuming, thereby making it more difficult

to multi-task and ultimately reduces produc­tivity. With the adoption of a

dual-display workspace, the work process is streamlined and manage­ment of

multiple docu­ments is simplified because users have expanded their workspace

across two displays. With Matrox Dual Head2Go you can use existing graphics

hardware for 2D, 3D, and video acceleration.

Matrox Dual Head2Go is priced at Rs12,950 and comes with a

one-year warranty.

DQW News Bureau Mumbai, March 2