PACT New Team Members Organised First Meeting and Introduced Online Portal

PACT meeting was held at Pathankot on July 28th and was very well hosted by Pathankot Computer Dealer Association (PCDA). This was the first meeting under the presidentship of Inder Mohan Bhasker and his team under the chairmanship of Gurpreet Singh Sunny. Representatives from district associations of Abohar, Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala and Sangrur were also present. On behalf of PCDA, Sanjay Nanda PRO PACT welcomed all the dignitaries.

It was proposed by Gurpreet Singh Jagdev Vice President, PACT that some common platform/way should be designed so that T3 dealers can get their problems resolved regarding service/support/logistics or any other business to business related problems. Deliberations of the method were discussed in the house but Gurpreet had his home work done on this matter and he suggested a beautiful mechanism in which a grass root level dealer can also address his issues through PACT subject to he is a member of the local association and his district association is a member of PACT. A unique mail ID *SUPPORT@PACTPUNJAB.COM* has been assigned for this purpose. T3 dealer has to approach through their local city president only. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, Vice President PACT will lead this committee along with Davinder Mahindru from Ludhiana, Saggi from Hoshiarpur and Vishu from Abohar. Non member cities will not be entertained. They have to become members of PACT to avail this direct /indirect support.

During the last meeting new body was elected and hence Grievance Committee was restructured. Gurpreet Singh, (Premier Computers) Ludhiana will lead this committee along with Manish Sachdeva from Amritsar, Amarjeet Singh Kumar, from Jalandhar, Sulalit Gupta from Chandigarh and Rajesh Bajaj from Pathankot.

Rahul Garg General Secretary gave a very detailed presentation of the Web Portal to counter the online menace. Very good work was done by him under guidance of Sunny. There was a lengthy discussion on this matter and at last a committee comprising of Rahul Garg from Sangrur, Satpal Singh from Ludhiana, Gurpreet Singh Jagdev from Ludhiana, Manpreet Rehsi from Hoshiarpur and Vishu from Abohar were formed to have detail working on this portal. Then a final draft will be submitted to District Presidents and there by all stake holders will have a final call.

At the end Inder Mohan Bhasker President, PACT thanked all the delegates present in the meeting for their active participation and thanked PCDA for their hospitality and nicely hosted this PACT meet.

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