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Redington India, with its 35 branches and 43 warehouses will extend Asus'

Intel platform products to IT customers, businesses and consumers

AsusTeK Computer Inc has appointed Redington as its national distributor for

distributing Intel-based products and VGA cards. Redington will join in along

with the existing dis-tributors-Rashi Peripherals and Neoteric Infomatique.

Andrew Tsui, MD India, said, "The collaboration with Redington

strengthens our commitment to increase our presence in Intel-based solu-tions.

With Redington, Asus now will be able to penetrate the market for Intel-based

solutions along with the strong presence in the AMD segment through existing



Asus has the complete product series in Intel cate-gory ranging from dual

Naco-rna server board, 775 platform with Intel 925/915, Intel 865, Sis and 845GE

solution with extra AGP support ability. In the VGA category also, Asus has wide

range of offering and is present in both ATI and nVidia segment.

Redington India, with its 35 branches and 43 warehouses will help extend the

reach of Asus' Intel platform products to Indian IT customers, businesses and

consumers. This will help Asus in fulfilling the demand of the customers for

Intel based product line. 

Ramesh Raj, GM, Redington India said, "Asus is the world numero uno mobo

manufa-cturer and VGA brand. Their products are known for their quality and

technological superiority. Redington is proud to be associated with Asus and

this will complement our current product offerings to the channel." The

end-user too will definitely benefit from this synergy because of innovative

products from Asus and Redington's extensive reach in channel.

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