Oxxy to make a Fixed Deposit of Rs.11000, FREE for every girl child born in India

DQW Bureau
02 Sep 2016
Oxxy to make a Fixed Deposit of Rs.11000, FREE for every girl child born in India Oxxy to make a Fixed Deposit of Rs.11000, FREE for every girl child born in India

Oxxy launches FIRST of this kind of INITIATIVE in the World, where every girl child born in the country will be welcomed with open hands and a silver spoon. Oxxy has announced to make a Fixed Deposit of Rs.11000 for every girl child born in the country. There will be ZERO financial contribution from the Parents and the entire allocation of funds will be made by Oxxy on its own.

Having a baby girl is a joy and as a parent there are various aspects they need to keep in mind while raising a girl: saving for her higher education, professional goals and marriage. This initiative, OXXY's GIRL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM , is First of its kind where any organization has envisioned and taken such an enormous step. According to Pankaj Gupta, Director Oxxy “Keeping in mind that everyday approx 50,000 children are born in India, We are expecting about 5,000 registrations per day. We will be opening Savings Accounts for all of them and make an FD for Baby Girls which they will be able to encash when they turn 18.

This plan was developed with a specific agenda and unlike the PPF, its time frames and mode of working are designed keeping a girl's need in mind. Its absolutely FREE to avail the benefits of this Plan. Oxxy will educate expecting mothers about the timely tests and precautions as per Global Standards. This will ensure healthier mother and baby post delivery. These steps will also help bringing down the mortality rate in the country. Oxxy has been working in healthcare for more than 3 years now, with such a short span of time OXXY has screened more than 15 million so far which in itself is a record.

Earlier OXXY had made a world record by executing 520 Free Health Camps in about 110 cities of India with screening of 1 million people on the same day. OXXY is present in 1500 cities of the country with over 1.5 lac hospital, diagnostic and path labs empanelled in its network. OXXY, India’s Largest Healthcare Network has the main objective of providing transparency , affordability and accessibility in Healthcare for every individual in the country. Oxxy thinks about future , aims for development and is taking steps towards healthy next generation . Unbiased by the income, gender or location, OXXY serves everyone.


OXXY's GIRL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is available for every expecting mother to register and save for the bright future of her child. This Announcement was made after the girls made India proud in Rio Olympics. Oxxy is evaluating Banks (with Nation-wide reach & visibility) which will commit to a long-lasting relationship and are capable of handling high traffic of savings accounts which will be opened once Children are born. The Fixed Deposits made for Girls will be linked to these accounts.

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