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Can you detail about market adjacencies specifically in the Indian


John Chambers identified around 30 market adjacencies or markets close to

where Cisco currently operates. From an Indian perspective, smart connected

communities are a type of market adjacency where we look to be active. With

infrastructure development going on and given the rate of urbanization, Cisco

can play a role in providing IP or the network. We have products which can take

feeds from various management systems which can in-turn monitor and control

them. The other area is that of physical security where we are seeing a strong

push from government and corporates.

Give us some details on your role in the datacenter virtualization


According to IDC estimates, the datacenter virtualization market in India is

around $2.2 billion. At Cisco, we use the network as a platform to drive

virtualization of datacenters. We have collaborated with VMware, NetApp and EMC

to provide the unified collaborative systems' platform, which encompasses

everything from server to storage virtualization. We launched the B- and

C-Series servers as a part of our virtualization basket. The B-series is being

sold by the ATP UCS partners. While the C-series is distributed to the mass

market through our tier-2 partners. The B-series consists of the blade chassis

servers which is an entire system on its own, while the C series is a standalone

rackmount server.

What are the challenges you face in the market?

From the stand point of infrastructure, availability of network bandwidth is

still a challenge though we know that government has been investing to upgrade

the same. With the advent of 3G, 4G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi the reality of overcoming

this hurdle will happen in the near term. On the other hand, it is more about

whether they want to go ahead with buying the technology.

B Raghavendran,

VP-Channels & Commercial Strategy, Cisco

What are the channel programs you have in place?

Some of the programs we have in place for our partners include our umbrella

program-Navigate to Accelerate., Most importantly we have invested significantly

in data modeling and other agency services to increase market intelligence and

understanding. We have a financing arm called Cisco Capital. We also offer

lifetime warranty of five years on our case two and case three products in the

switches product line.

For our distribution partners, we have two focused programs. One is called

the Distribution Partner Enablement program. The second is the program for

Distribution Accelerated Partners.One interesting know­ledge sharing initiative

is our SMB university. This is a fully-funded sales training on a Web 2.0

platform which happens on a continuous basis through a training initiative

focuses on SMB select partner sales people.

We also have a Network On Wheels (NOW) bus going around tier-2, tier-3 cities

where it can be difficult to setup demo centers.


Can you throw a bit of light on Cisco's channel landscape?

Our channel landscape consists of strategic alliance partners, which are

typically the large SIs, distributors and disti led partners under the following

three levels: registered, select and premier andfour distributors in Ingram,

Redington, Compuage and Westcon Comstor with whom we have recently tied up.

Share a little more on the tie-up with Westcon Comstor.

We have signed up with Comstor as a value added distributor and they will

sell our advanced technology portfolio, which focuses on solutions around

virtualization, collaboration and the security suite. There are two major

reasons why we signed them. One is that we share a global relationship with them

and so this is an extension of the same for the Indian market. Secondly when we

looked at the Indian market, we realized that we needed a value added

distributor for the market we operate in. Comstor has a strong base of around

900 to 1000 partners and their key strength comes from their understanding of

technology and the ability to drive distribution of technology products. They

have the requisite experience in technology distribution.

John jacob