Over 750 applications now certified on Red Hat Linux

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Red Hat, Inc has announced that over 750 enterprise applications are now

ce-rtified on Red Hat En-terprise Linux. The release fur-ther stated that Red

Hat and In-tel Corpo-ration have worked to-gether to design an online, sea-rchable

catalog to show-case compatible applications.

According to Mike Evans, VP (Partner Development), Red Hat, "Since Red

Hat En-terprise Linux was first made available in May, 2002 we’ve experienced

outstanding support from leaders in the software indu-stry. With over 750

applications now certi-fied on the Red Hat Enter-prise Linux platform and over

2,00,000 subscriptions sold, customers will have the great freedom of choice to

build th-eir open source architectures utilizing a wide range of

industry-leading solutions," he added.

Red Hat has worked with Intel to accelerate applications certification on Red

Hat Enter-prise Linux. "Customer dem-and has gr-own signi-ficantly for

Intel ba-sed, enter-prise com-puting so-lutions that run Red Hat Enter-prise

Linux. This gro-wth is pre-dicated on a need for reliable and flexi-ble

platfo-rms for de-ploying applications," said Shrikant Patil, Director (APAC

Solutions Group), Intel Tech-nology India Pvt Ltd.


"Working together, Intel and Red Hat will work with applications vendors

to acce-lerate solutions availability and visibility on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

for servers with Intel Xeon processors and Intel Itanium2 processors," he


The Red Hat Ready Program is available for software app-lications vendors to

certify applications on Red Hat Enter-prise Linux.

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