“Our users can get rid of spam mails without accidentally deleting the important messages”

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Throw some light on the roadshows that you organized in India.

This is the first time that IronPort and Cisco jointly went ahead to address

the channel community. Its main purpose was to showcase our S-series web

security appliance on the technological front. Our roadshows were held in New

Delhi and Bengaluru.

The roadshow focused on the e-mail and web series technology, feature

components of the products, and functionalities of the recently released softer

version of S-series web appliances. We made announcements of hardware

upgradation across web series as well. In addition, we shared our strategies to

supply lower end models to address the SMB and middle-level market in India, as

presently we are aiming to address the middle and lower level enterprises.

Are there any differences in functionalities of products for enterprise

and SMB segment?

Functionality wise, all the boxes are identical, whether they are designed

for enterprise or normal customers. Products targeted for SMB market does not

mean that they are less competent to protect against malware. All the devices

offer same protection. Our approach towards SMB segment has increased and

starting from enterprise section, we are now funneling to middle-level

enterprises, as the products are getting matured.

steve ledzian Sr Corporate System Engineer, IronPort


What is your strategy to reach the SMB segment?

We are informing our customers that with our newly upgraded hardware and web

series, we are aiming at the lower end customers, because it is not only

enterprises that needs to be protected, but the SMB segment also face the web

security threats of similar intensity.

Do you find any difference in the level of security threats in the Indian

and global markets?

Security is a global concern, without any boundaries. Malware is present

irrespective of geographical locations. Though, there is some behavior in

business place that vary from country to country, but more or less, the main

concern is threat against spam.


We have products for e-mail with respect to spam that can be implemented

across the globe. In few cases, there is some customization in function and

technology for different localities.

What is the concern of IronPort while providing web security appliances?

Today spam is about 90 percent of all the e-mails, so only one out of 10

messages are authentic. Therefore, our main concern is how to get rid of spam

mails without accidentally removing the messages that are important; this is

called false positive. We aim at reducing false positive incidents so that the

authentic messages and mails reach their destination. The C-series of IronPort

products are very competent for e-mail security. Moreover, many times people do

not take it seriously, considering that the problem will automatically go away,

which is unlikely. The fact is that the situation will worsen. Hence a device

has to be in place that can control such a situation.

IronPort S-series is designed to minimize web security threats and protect

websites. It provides security in a very convenient manner to the end users. If

malware rectification slows down the web browsing experience, it will affect the

Internet activities of users and they will not accept such a product. IronPort

S-series assures that malware detection does not degrade end-user experience.