“Our key market in India is the government”

What is your product offering for
the Indian market?

We offer the solution which is the
optimum combination of software and hardware designed for high volume
projects like census etc. Whenever an organization intends for
digitization of its legacy documents, all it looks for, is an
experienced service provider who can get information from the paper
junk. Microform equips service
providers with the solution that helps them to translate complicated
imaging requirements from customer to as easy as putting paper into
the scanner. For example, we had a very complicated case of CAF
scanning from one of the telecom company.

What is your unique product line
compared to other vendors?

Microform provided for the bar code
separation and saving on the fly with bar code number in PDF format
and color based separation. Where the quality of barcode was bad the
scanner used color as a separator to save files. Microform
scanner scans in uncompressed format and delivers three images in one
scan-black and white for
ICR/OCR. Microform Ultra high speed scanner starts scanning from 160
sheets per minute and goes up to 240 sheets per minute. There are no
major competitors in the Indian market for Microform in that price

Are you addressing the enterprise
segment only or also considering the SMB as your focus vertical?

Microform scanners are meant for huge
imaging jobs where it is required to scan between 2,00,000 sheets per
scanner per day. Microform’s
lowerend products primarily meant for the SMBs have come out with
attractive options of scanner-on-hire and scanner-on-installment
basis facility.

What are the sectors that Microform
is eyeing in India?

The key market for Microform is the
government vertical where it has heaps of papers waiting for its
services bureaus to digitize. Various state census projects, pension
and provident records are few of those opportunities. Our association
with Netspider Infotech India Ltd (NIIL) as exclusive distributor
will instill a greater insight into the Indian market. We, along with
NIIL have recently executed two e-governance initiatives; the
‘Sakshar Bharat Mission 2012’ and ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
CTS-2010’ in Rajasthan. These projects involved high-volume
scanning and ICR of more than three crore forms which was completed
within a month.

Would you look at taking the
channels route in your go-to-market strategy or would you go direct?

Does the company intend to increase its channel base by the 2011?

Partners are essential in our
go-to-market strategy. We identify reselling and implementation
partners in our partner program. Currently, we
are looking for resellers and SI partners for project base sales. We
have realized that it is not a box sales and it cannot be sold by
huge number of resellers. So, we are having the project based
approach for scanner sales. Microform partnership is open for any
imaging company who trusts in lower cost of scanning per paper. We
are inviting major imaging bureaus to be a part of our network. The
partner should have at least technical expertise on VB and some
hardware knowledge and some investment for demo machine. With NICSI
digitization rate contract coming in, we see that we will be able to
increase our partnership base to a larger extent in this country. We
organize for training on the hardware and software and support our
channel partners with job work offer to put their knowledge in

What are your future plans for
Indian market in 2011? Any plans to set your office in India?

Microform does not have any plan to
have an office setup in India in near future, as it would operate
through NETSPIDER as exclusive distributor only. We are extremely
pleased to partner with NETSPIDER for Indian Government projects. We
are sure that NETSPIDER will give us a great insight into the Indian
market and we hope to make a mark for ourselves in this country in
coming years.

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