Orange city welcomes COMP-EX 2011

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Computer & Media Dealers' Welfare Association, ( href="">VCMDWA),

is all

set to present their COMP-EX 2011 to the audience. The 19
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COMP-EX 2011 is scheduled to be held from February 17
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February 21, 2011.


association has evoked tremendous booking response on the

announcement of COMP-EX 2011 on its 19th consecutive IT event during

its general body meeting. “There would be 35
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pavilions and 12 regular stalls and five big gaming zones
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various dimensions, cafeteria, help desk, securities, special parking

zones, lucky draws at the expo. This is the second year that we are

holding the expo for five days, and we are happy to announce that, as

of now, all the pavilions are sold out. Our main objective is to

relentlessly address the IT needs and wants of the entire user

community of the region. This can be judged by the spectrum of

visitors that throng the exhibition, visitors coming in from the

neighboring states, inquiries about the dates of COMP-EX etc,”

shared Prashant Ugemuge, President, VCMDWA.


around three lakh footfall, COMP-EX 2008 shall drive the purchasing

criteria of many companies and visitors. The exhibition will

demonstrate the latest products in the IT arena and would be another

technology demonstration initiative from VCMDWA. All the industry

driving major brands would be participating, with Microsoft being the

main sponsor of the event.



can have hands on various gadgets before making their purchase

decision and they will be having a plethora of choices, as vendors

offer attractive special schemes and discounts. If someone has to

update himself with the latest in IT products, it may take more than

a fortnight. The same purpose is however achieved by spending just

about half a day at COMP-EX, since all the products and services are

available under a single roof,” added Ugemuge.


another major event during COMP-EX will be the IT Business Seminars,

which is meant for matured IT users, who want to understand the

latest trends and technologies from the IT field. Microsoft will be

addressing the audience on relevant topic like cloud computing. The

expo is largely targeted towards the SOHO customers but it also

attracts a lot of government and corporate customers as well. The

expo will also witness the participation of new partner like

'Proxim,' which deals in wireless networking.


order to gather more audience for IT expo, VCMDWA has come up with an

innovative idea for the publicity of IT expo other than the regular

affairs of newspaper ads, hoardings, distribution of brochures and

radio announcements. 125 four wheelers and 250 two wheelers will

drive around the city a day before the exhibition, announcing the

expo. “No doubt the COMP-EX is popular in Nagpur as well as other

cities but we thought to make an extra effort to keep up the high

spirits of the people with a zing of additional music and dancing and

welcoming people for the expo,” added Ugemuge.

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of the brand names whose stalls will be displayed at this year's

COMP-EX include Logitech, HP, Intel, Dell, Epson and host of others.

“COMP-EX 2011 is an IT extravaganza aimed to educate the local

talent about the field of information technology and enlighten them

about the wealth of opportunities that this vocation has in store for

them. Thus, it provides both, that is, buyer and seller with a

fantastic opportunity to maximize their benefits,” said Rita

Buddhay, Secretary, VCMDWA