Oracle strengthens IT in IIM Shillong

DQW Bureau
New Update


IIM Shillong has successfully completed the implementation of a student

system and alumni development solution for higher education by Oracle.

The institute has implemented various modules from Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus

Solutions and Oracle Applications with the help of Citagus India, an IT

solutions and services company.

IIM Shillong is the first among India's centrally funded technical

institutions o complete the implementation of a comprehensive ERP solution.


This IT implemen-tation has automated all its back-end processes in the

institute and has improved time management, data accounting and the efficient

management of human resources and staff/ student feedback.

The net result has been to free up more time and resources, and provide

better information for management and faculty to enhance their core mission of

delivering education programmes to the Institute's post graduate students.

On the other hand, this enables students to access to a secure, web-based,

360-degree view of their relationship with the institution and also view class

and exam schedules, check enrollment appoint-ments, and enroll or change class

enrollment among other benefits.

IIM Shillong will also be able to manage relationships with alumni and other

donors. The PeopleSoft Campus Solution provide alumni contributors with access

to a detailed history of their involvement with the institution.

“IIM Shillong has taken a big step to implement a comprehensive IT solution .

We have sought to reduce manual processes as much as possible, and provide

access to real-time information for students and the college management and

faculty,” said Prof Ashoke Dutta, Director IIM Shillong.