Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Predicts the Future of Enterprise Cloud

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd made cloud predictions and discussed the future of business. Oracle customers Bloom Energy, FedEx, and Gap joined Hurd on stage to share how Oracle Cloud innovations are making their businesses more agile, efficient and profitable.

Hurd’s key predictions for 2025:

  • 100% of application development and testing will be conducted in the cloud.
  • 80% of production apps will be in the cloud.
  • 80% of IT budgets will be spent on cloud services.
  • 80% of IT budgets will be spent on business innovation, and only 20% on system maintenance.
  • All enterprise data will be stored in the cloud.
  • Enterprise clouds will be the most secure place for IT processing.

Hurd reinforced the success of Oracle’s cloud strategy to build the applications, platform and infrastructure that will enable customers to either move to the cloud or start in the cloud. He highlighted the significant expansion of Oracle Cloud, noting that in the last five years, Oracle released 3,500+ SaaS services and 125+ PaaS services making Oracle the most complete cloud in the industry.

Quotes from Mark Hurd’s keynote:

  • “It’s important to have great apps, but great apps that work together, the most complete suite of PaaS services and the next generation of infrastructure as a service that all work together to complement each other,” Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. “That’s what we’ve built out, and that’s what we now have.”
  • “We are trying to figure out ways to deliver more functionality and to support what we need to do with the business and be more nimble, but at the same time, reduce our costs,” said Chris Wood, Vice President, Business Services & Transformation, FedEx Services. “And Oracle Cloud is a big part of that.”
  • “With Bloom, we help customers pay as they grow,” said Randy Furr, Bloom Energy CFO. “And this is very much akin to the Oracle Cloud. Now Bloom, from the early days, we’re the largest fuel cell provider out there. We’ve kind of had to create an industry. And we’ve been fortunate in that we picked early the Oracle ERP, EPM, and Supply Chain, and it’s helped us grow and scale our business. And I want to thank Oracle; they’ve been a great partner.”
  • “I have never seen such a thought leadership, a collective wisdom, and the drive to accomplish what we have accomplished this year,” said Paul Chapman, Gap CIO. “And that is the delivery of Oracle Retail to the Cloud.”

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