Online gaming startup Rummy Passion clock's 100% growth rate per quarter

DQW Bureau
31 Mar 2017
Online gaming startup Rummy Passion clock's 100% growth rate per quarter

Buoyed by a highly user-friendly interface that has appealed to people of all ages, online gaming platform Rummy Passion has taken India’s online gaming scene by storm, clocking a stupendous growth of 100% per quarter (in terms of active players).

Rummy passion is the flagship product of Passion Gaming, an innovative online gaming company which was conceived with the idea of revolutionizing the online card gaming experience in India.  Since its introduction in October 2016, Rummy Passion has been enjoying huge popularity among card gaming lovers across India.

The platform has witnessed as many as 10,258 registrations so far, and a whopping 16.3 million total bets. With over 1 lakh visitors per month and an extremely good social media presence, Rummy Passion has already grown to become one of the most popular card gaming sites in India. With the ongoing upward trend, the footfalls are projected to grow enormously this year.

Three key states from south India account for a bulk of the players on rummy passion. In fact, as many as 70% of the players are from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, with Tamil Nadu being the site’s biggest market.

Key to its successful run has been its user friendly and hassle free interface that allows active rummy lovers to easily switch from real card games to virtual space. A large number of rummy players at have been individuals turning to an online gaming venture for the first time.

“We are overwhelmed by the popularity our gaming website has received within a short span of time. Rummy is one of the most loved card games across people of all ages, and the idea behind introducing Rummy Passion was to provide a unique and exhilarating experience to Rummy lovers; and people have been flocking to our gaming site to partake in the fun. Our active monthly players are growing at 100% per quarter.  We are projecting that trend to continue in 2017,” says Bobby Garg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Passion Gaming.

The smooth and hassle free gaming experience at Rummy Passion has also successfully attracted a large number of people who are not technology adept. However, unlike Rummy clubs where most players are either retired individuals or housewives, online players are largely professionals and business owners. In fact, 60% of the players on Rummy Passion are men in the age group of 20 to 40 years.

“Another noticeable trend has been that of younger players between 18 to 21 years being very active. This age group is very active in the online gaming space but is usually more attracted to other gaming genres such as racing or fighting but rarely card games. However, on Rummy Passion we see a lot of younger audience in this bracket being attracted to online rummy, indicating their growing interest in skill based gaming,” adds Garg.

Rummy Passion currently offers 13 card online Indian Rummy games on the desktop as well as mobile, with players allowed to play both for real money and with free chips. The success of the online venture has induced the company to plan the launch of a gaming app in the near future.

Passion Gaming believes in delivering exactly what its players are looking for, based on a deep understanding of what they desire. Founded by experts with over two decades of online gaming experience, the company is driven by the objective of providing an unparalleled gaming experience. The team behind the products understands player preferences to the minutest detail, and diligently works on generating compelling content which is original, authentic and relevant.

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