Online game makers gain significant growth in first quarter

DQW Bureau
New Update

2006 Taipei Game Show, a major event in the gaming

industry, has begun. Gamania's subsidiary, NC Soft, Korean gaming company,

Webzen and Way I International Digital Entertainment Co Ltd are the most

enthusiastic participants among all. It is expected that PS3's launch time is

still the main focus of the gamers. As there were not many major new games in

the market during the last year's first quarter, the game manufacturers are

expected to have substantial growth in the revenue in the first quarter this

year. Since there weren't many new games last year, manufacturers are more

enthusiastic to participate in this year's Taipei Game Show. The revenue in

last year is relatively low, including Soft-World, Gamania and Way I's revenue

in January have grown substantially reaching 30 percent to 148 percent