OneAssist Introduces Home Appliance Protection Service ‘HomeServ’

OneAssist announced its foray into Home Appliances, with the launch of ‘HomeServ’.  It is being considered as India’s first comprehensive plan for protection of all home appliance which offers a one-stop-solution across all brands – whether old or new.

Extensive consumer research into their anxieties led to the insight that most people today own multiple appliances across different brands & different ageing without having a single point of contact to keep them all functional throughout the year. Service experiences vary across locations with the homeowner being dependent on unqualified technicians in a primarily unorganized segment.

HomeServ provides the customer with a comprehensive solution by covering all key home appliances including AC, TVs, Refrigerators and Washing Machines amongst others, even up to 10 years old. The cashless service protects all your appliances in just one annual plan. The starting plan protects up to 4 appliances against damages, breakdowns & any malfunctions for just Rs. 4999/yr.


‘HomeServ’ offers comprehensive Assistance & protection for Appliances on which consumers are most dependent on. The service covers daily essential appliances like panel televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, OTG, air purifiers, water purifiers, air coolers, dryers, dishwashers, food processors, geysers, kitchen chimneys and vacuum cleaners and covers appliances even up to 10 years old.

This cashless service provides a single stop solution to the customers at their fingertips through the OneAssist app and ensures that only verified and qualified experts attend to you while guaranteeing a resolution within 10 days. ‘HomeServ’ allows customers to eliminate all the hassles in getting their appliances fixed while offering exceptional quality service at an affordable price-point.

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