“One should dream and imagination. It becomes an important element of the road to success. I did that and I’m satisfied for it.”

DQW Bureau
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Gautam did his graduation in Statistics from Jodhpur University and Masters

in Economics from there only. Passed out of his college in 1993, he joined Essar

Steel as Sales personnel, looking after the sales of Northern India. Based in

Delhi, he looked after the sales for this steel grant, but on the en-tour, the

computers influenced him and that was the genesis of Integrals.

Company that sells leading brands of UPS, Integral has grown leaps and bounds

and recently reached Rs 10 million mark, which Khandpur marks as one of the

achievement. Though satisfied with growth of company, he still could not seam to

assert a specific achievement.

With 43 people in the company and 8 branches across the nation he plans to

consolidate the functioning of the company. Looking forward for qualitative

sales, then mere quantitative sales and he is not deterred by the stiff

competition around.