Old MRPs trouble partners

DQW Bureau
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across Karnataka are troubled due to the circulation of old MRP

stickers on the old stock of products at the time when the products

are being sold at the revised prices. Recently, due to the hard drive

crisis and dollar appreciation, the product prices were hiked in the

range of 15-20% from vendor side. But the issue which is brought to

the notice is that the IT partners are facing problems as the revised

prices are not marked in the MRP, due to which resellers face the

problem with end customers.


R Patel, president, AIT said, “The prices have been revised for

many products and there are two issues, which have come out of it. At

first, the dealer's margin is less and therefore any revision in

price has to be shown in the MRP, if not then the dealer's money

goes. Second, if the NDs have old priced stocks, why they sell it at

the revised prices. Why can't they give the same old stock at old



further added, “Sometimes, dealers don't check the MRP stickers,

and they land themselves in trouble with end customers.” They sell

it with their margins to end customers and therefore, sometime

dealers end up in problems with end customers. One of the channel

partners on the basis of anonymity said, “We often see these things

frequently and we have faced the situation. The companies give us MRP

stickers and we use it accordingly. ”