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A weekend family trip turned out to be a tragic one for Coimbatore-based IT

trader AH Saleem of Compusoft. He lost his life in the backwaters of Malampuzha

River, in a futile attempt to save his nephew, who was drow­ning. Two other

friends of Saleem's family, who attempted to save the boy, also lost their

lives. Saleem, 31 is survived by his wife and two little children.

The Malampuzha River located at around 50km from Coimbatore is considered to

be a scenic location, though drowning incidents are regular there. Saleem's

11-year-old nephew who was attemp­ting to learn swimming in the backwaters of

the river got stuck in the marshland. His father Nayeem, Saleem's elder brother,

attempted to save him and few other relatives along with Saleem got into the


However, the attempt was unsuccessful and the boy was declared dead in the

hospital after being brought out by Nayeem. Along with the help of rescue

workers, the bodies of Saleem and two other relatives were recovered.


“His way of showing respect and soft-spoken character flashes in my mind

whenever I think of Saleem,” said S Karthikeyan, President, CONFED-ITA, while

remembering Saleem. He also said that Saleem was a fun loving person, who showed

keen interest in car races. Nayeem, CEO Compustar in Coimbatore said, “I have

lost my only son and most lovable brother Saleem.”

 AH Saleem

Coimbatore IT dealers remained closed last Monday, as a mark of respect to

late Saleem and his family friends, who died in the tragic incident.

Saleem was an award winner in The DQ Week's Premier Reseller for 2005.