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O2, a mobile data devices and services provider, has anno-unced several

channel ince-ntive schemes to reward dealers, salespeople and customers. Under

these schemes, Goldkist Interna-tional, O2's exclusive distri-butor in the

Indian subco-ntinent, will offer its autho-rized dealers and salespeople various

bonus incentives and "surprise" benefits to improve their engagement

level with O2 devices and customers.

According to the press release, incentives may be tangible, such as monetary

rewards, or intangible, such as special training to better handle premium

products and priority in channel advertising. They are meant also as a source of

motivation and to get them to better live the O2 brand.

To reward its sales teams, Goldkist International has announced the

"Reward a Salesperson" scheme. This scheme is valid only for

salespeople who directly handle the sale of O2 products to end-users.

Concurrently, O2 and Goldkist have announced also an "O2 Exclusive

Dealer" scheme for dealers who handle O2 products exclu-sively. They will

be able to enjoy bonus monetary ince-ntives and benefits with the transaction of

O2 devices such as the Xda IIs, the Xda II mini, the Xphone II, and the recently

launched Xda IIi.

According to the company, besides benefiting dealers and salespeople, and

spurring their engagement level with the brand and products, these schemes

ultimately are designed to benefit end-consumers as well. With improved training

on how to handle premium devices, salespeople can be more adept at relating

product information, and customers can also better understand the O2 brand.

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