Now Rudra to counter viruses

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New Update


Despite a slow start a year ago, Singapore-based anti-virus developer Rudra

Security has now enhanced its business in the market. The company has tied-up

with partners for promoting its products. It has proposed to appoint a

distributor in every state, and taking a step forward in this direction, it has

appointed Mahavir Computers for Chennai.

Said to be developed without any signatures and the thumb impressions of the

existing viruses, this anti-virus is said to prevent any executable files that

harms the system at the very entry level. "This works on a different technology

and prevents any harmful data from entering," informed VHS Satya Kiran,

Manager-Sales, Rudra Security Technologies.

Rudra anti-virus needs no regular updations and renewal of yearly license

keys. "This is a lifetime product, and once installed, it doesn't require any

updation or renewal of license keys. Moreover, the resources used in this

anti-virus are very light such that it just takes less than 40 seconds to scan a

computer," Kiran claimed.


Recently the company has appointed a distributor in Delhi. Currently, Rudra

Technologies operates by keeping Chennai as their base and has their operational

offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. "We are in the process of

appointing distributor for every state and they in turn would be appointing

various dealers in their respective states," Kiran informed.

Priced at Rs 2,195, this anti-virus prevents viruses, worms, spywares,

trojans, ransomwares, zombie­wares etc, and provide dealers a very good margin.

Accepting the fact that this lifetime anti-virus pack will not provide regular

revenues to the vendors as in the other cases, Kiran informed that currently

they are focusing on the volumes and could match the revenue through the volumes

they make. They have planned to coduct various roadshows and promotional events

soon for creating awareness among the people.

It may be noted that Mahavir is talking up the distribution of software for

the first time since its inception in 1988. "Primarily we take up the

distribution of only special products. We found this anti-virus an exciting one,

hence we have taken up its distribution for the Chennai region. We plan to take

it forward throughout Tamil Nadu," said MC Jain, CEO, Mahavir Computer Spares.