Now ‘Panic Button’ in mobile will keep you safe, Thanks to this Indian company

Effect from 1 January 2017, every phone in India will now come with a ‘Panic Button’ or ‘Emergency Button’ and from 1 January, 2018 every phone whether it is feature phone or smart phone ‘GPS’ system is mandatory.

This technology will help you in tough situations; the main focus is on women safety now days which is also a major concern for Government. Mobile while driving are the major cause of accidents in today’s scenario, drivers uses mobile while driving which is too dangerous because it distracts their mind. The technology jams your phone while driving. When the driver of a vehicle attempts to operate his mobile phone while having the ignition on or moving above at a certain speed, the system would automatically disable the ‘OK’ switch of a mobile phone, and may also perform the ‘CALL END’ function. The driver can only use his hands-free kit or else the phone will turn off immediately.

It has also got varied security applications, which can be used to protect the drivers and passengers on roads when the drivers use cell phone while driving.

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Government’s notification on April 22- With effect from the 1st January, 2017, no mobile phone handset manufactured company shall sell in India,

(a) The Feature phones without the facility of panic button by pressing “Numeric key – 5” or “Numeric key – 9” to invoke emergency call; and

(b) The Smart phones without the facility of emergency call button by pressing the same for long time to invoke emergency call or the use of existing power on or off button, when short pressed thrice in quick succession.

The technology is patented by an Indian Company. The Indian & Global Patent has already incorporated the feature of emergency button for which the patent has been granted in India and abroad.

Indian patent no – PCT/IN2002/000191, US Patent No – US 7181229 B2

Link –

This is an Indian innovation, also recognized globally through the award of patent. Where it has been applauded as a very environment friendly innovation, using low frequency signals.

The man behind this technology is  Anirudh.


In interaction with The DQ Week he said, “That’s it’s one of the biggest global India patented technology impacting billions of people across the world in terms of safety and crime prevention. Modi government is the first government to mandate technology for the safety of women and crime prevention. Also many other features of this patent would help in preventing accidents by drivers using mobiles phones while driving, like gaming, shopping, and texting.”

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