Arjun Pandey

Now get information about Delhi through ‘DELHIPEDIA’

Twenty Four Frames Films, a Media Production House of young and technology freaks have launched a mobile application called “DELHIPEDIA”.

The application would cover all aspects of Delhi- from its heritage monuments, crowd-happy bazaars, thriving cultural scene and platefuls of delicious food that bring Delhiites together.

DELHIPEDIA is a youtube channel and a digital magazine that would bring alive the true essence of Delhi and its magnificent culture. In a way DELHIPEDIA is an audio visual running encyclopedia about the city and its hidden unexplored things many of us are still unaware of.

By downloading this application DELHIPEDIA would be a one stop solution for anyone visiting the City or trying to research or is just inquisitive to know more about. At Delhipedia one can visualize the best of Delhi with one video at a time. The application is an eye catcher and a visual library for people who are on look out for new things.

Launching this unique application model, Arjun Pandey, who ideated this concept said, “With digitization and technology being the key drivers for our day to day activities, we thought of creating an application that could take one through the City, places that are unexplored and showcase people of interest. In a way our objective was to provide a ‘One-Stop – Delhi Shop’ information source about the city that could be accessed anytime or from anywhere by just surfing the mobile. To make it more connected with people, we have made it visually appealing through our videos. We are excited about the app and hope the same goes with the people as well.”

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