Now Fly Wright Brothers' airplane on your computer!

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004
New Update


The Wright Experience' comes to India. An effort to mark

the centenary celebrations of the Wright Brothers' first powered flight on

December 17, 1903-thro-ugh a simulation game on the PC, is now in the country.

You can now fly the 12 horse-power engine1903 Flyer that

requires to be accelerated on a wheeled dolly along a wooden launch rail, on

your own PC.

Providing you with both the primitive plane's capabilities

and the challenge of piloting is the game, 'First Flight: The Wright

Experience Flight Simu-lator', launched by Aladdin Multimedia this week.


Gamers will have to pit their skills against the inventors of

modern day aviation and try to stay afloat more than the 59 second, 852 foot hop

that the Wright brothers ultimately accomplished in their fourth attempt in 1903

as they flew from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

First Flight: The Wright Experience Flight Simulator, is the

first historically and aerodynamically accurate flight simulation to be offered

to the public and details the virtual reproductions of three diffe-rent Wright

aircraft: the 1902 Glider, the 1903 Flyer and the more advanced 1911 Model B.

The background scenery of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina area as well as for Fort

Meyers, Virginia and College Park, Maryland, are all historically detailed to

reflect the relevant time period.

Also featured in the game are the histories of the first

flights, reviews of the Wright Experience efforts to duplicate the Wrights'

work and details about how the simulations were made.

The game requires Win-dows98/2000/XP. Pentium III or higher.

64 MB RAM, CD ROM, sound card mouse, direct X8.0 or higher. It is priced at an

affordable Rs.299.

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