Now, five-year warranty on Hitachi's Deskstar HDDs

DQW Bureau
28 Jun 2005
New Update


Hitachi has started offering five-year warranty on all the Deskstar HDDs with

effect from June 20, 2005. This will cover all Hitachi Desktop HDDs sold by

Cyberstar right from 40GB to 400GB.

Commenting on this issue, Raj Rathi, MD, Cyberstar India said, "We have

been working with Hitachi to get this 5 year warranty in place for some time and

we are extremely happy that Hitachi has responded positively on this. Hitachi is

known for their quality and performance. Now we have extended warranty too.

Hitachi HDDs sales have been growing every quarter in the Channel and with this

support they are expected to grow even faster."

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