Artis Introduces Trolley Bluetooth Speakers

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Artis Introduces Trolley Bluetooth Speakers
Artis  announced the launch of a Trolley Bluetooth Speaker range of products. BT900, BT908, BT912 & BT915 are the newest additions to the Artis range of speakers which deliver an uncompromised audio experience for music aficionados in outdoor environs too.
Artis outdoor trolley speakers are specially crafted and targeted for music lovers with active lifestyles as it is a combination of quality output sound, portable and high-grade components. Whether you want to listen while hiking, family picnics or a karaoke party to impress your guests in the outdoor yard, Artis line of speakers has you covered," said Anil Daryani, Director at Artis. "With a compact, convenient and lightweight build, our Trolley outdoor speakers are a perfect fit for any and every journey."
The speakers are packed with power output ranging from 30 watts to 80W RMS, all 4 new speakers deliver an extremely powerful crystal clear audio experience with enhanced bass & treble.
Featuring wireless Bluetooth audio streaming and aux in functions, they are compatible with any audio player, smartphone, tablet or PC. Equipped with Built-in FM radio, free Wireless Mic for the karaoke sessions, and a guitar input option, these devices let users jam to their favorite music anytime anywhere.
Price, Availability & Warranty
Artis BT900 comes with MRP of Rs. 11,500/- carrying the warranty of 1 Year
Artis BT908 comes with MRP of Rs. 7,749/- carrying the warranty of 1 Year
Artis BT912 comes with MRP of Rs. 10,999/- carrying the warranty of 1 Year
Artis BT915 comes with MRP of Rs. 13,499/- carrying the warranty of 1 Year
Technical Specifications:
Artis BT900
Artis BT908
Artis BT912
Artis BT915
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Display
Wireless Bluetooth Trolley Speaker with LED Display
Wireless Bluetooth Trolley Speaker
Dynamic Sound Effect with Crystal Clear Sound Playback
Digital Karaoke, Treble, and bass independent adjustment
Input mode LED Display
Professional treble & bass gain controlling circuit
Bass and Treble Control
Built-In professional wireless microphone system
Exterior cloth finish protection
Built-in MP3 encoding support
Connection Type: Bluetooth, USB , FM Radio, SD Card reader, TF card, Aux in Port, Mic In
Compatible with DVD/PC and other sound source
Intelligent power switch charging circuit
Titanium trolley Handle
User-friendly Trolley
15 Meters Operating Range , Up to 4.5 Hours of Playback
8 Meters Operating Range , Up to 4.5 Hours of Playback
Total  Output 30W RM
Total  Output 40W RMS
Total  Output 60W RMS
Total  Output 80W RMS
Controls: Volume, Mode, and Track Controls
One Wireless Mic included in box
One Wireless Mic & Remote included in box
Two Wireless Mics & Remote included in box
Subwoofer 24W  & Driver Units 3W x 2 RMS
Subwoofer Size : 8"
Subwoofer Size: 12"
Subwoofer Size : 15"
Product Size:
67.5x30.5x 45 cm
Product Size: 31x26.5x49 cm
Product Size:
41x40x61 cm
Product Size:
45x41x68 cm
Options for adding two wired Mic's with one wireless Mic
Product weight 6.5Kg
Product weight 8 Kg
Product weight 10.8 Kg