Northeast IT Distributors are on wait and watch mode

The GST is coming into force from July 1 which will subsume all taxes into one. Now One state has to deal only with the Centre government not with every other state. It will also cause increase in tax revenue for the government and make the process easier. Hence Indian IT Market’s eye is on GST as it will push the country’s economy ahead and also will increase the GDP.


Talking to The DQ Week, some IT dealers and distributors of Northeast shared their present situation and are hoping GST will bring some relief in their business future.

Sarad Bawri of Lifeline Enterprise (shillong) says, “The present scenario of market is really bad in Shillong. Today the situation is different, the market is totally based on Government purchases and moreover the economy is. It will be not wrong  saying IT Business in the region is still facing the economic slowdown  because of demonetization that happened like disaster to us. Hopping that GST will bring something good for our businesses”  So for us  GST is on wait and watch mode.

Local IT dealer in Mizoram, Lalhming Thanga, Sunflower Electronic says, “Electronic business market is running down in Aizawl. At this situation our main focus is on retail business and not approaching Govt. May be GST after effects will let us improve the situation.

On the other hand, Jhon Chetri of The Computer House , a distributor of  Manipur expressed “the IT market of Northeast is going down after demonetization.  The dealers in the region are now eagerly waiting and planning for GST to cope up with the downfall. No doubt GST will help in tax relaxation and the payable tax will be the same all over India so that we can deal across the country.”

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