No deal diversion: HP

DQW Bureau
28 Mar 2011

(HP), one
the leading IT products and solutions company said, that they
discourage partners for any kind of bid-leakage or deal diversion.
The company is optimistic about the market opportunities, and
strongly believes in offering educational programs and special
initiatives for partners rather than penalizing and creating
confusion amongst channel community.

Abhinav Gupta of Artek
Enterprises when asked said, that they are not aware of any stringent
rules drawn by the IT heavyweight. The company has a mechanism
wherein its distribution partners can get special pricing for
competitive bidding for mid to large deals. Some of these partners
sometime abuse the process wherein they procure the products from the
company and divert them to another client.

Speaking to The DQ
, Sunil Dutt, VP and GM-personal systems group, HP India
said, "We have a strong mechanism and tight process for
approval. HP discourage partners for any kind of bid leakage, but we
do not penalize them. Instead, we educate them." HP India, that
include PSG and IPG divisions, believe in ethical dealing and focuses
on transparent process for its partners as well as customers. "It
is important for us to educate partners, if they are involved in any
kind of deal diversion, and it is crucial for the interest of healthy
business as well," added Dutt.

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