NITO to elect President by August

The North Bengal IT traders association will be holding its elections by the end of August. The election date has not been finalized yet however. The committee will hold a meeting first after which the date will be finalized.

“We will have a board meeting in the first week of August in which we will finalize the election date. The members who are interested in holding positions in the association will have to file their nomination first,” said Manoj Baid, President, North Bengal IT Traders Association.

The association wants a solution to the bad online market as dealers have to deal with the competition from the online market.

“The association has 6 positions, that is the President, vice-president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and joint treasurer. A eleven –member committee will be formed, in which 2 memebers from the older association can be part of the newly-formed association. A maximum of 2 to 3 people can contest the president or vice-president’s post, 5 or 6 people can contest for secretary and joint secretary while about 1 to 2 people for the position of treasurer,” he informed.

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