Nitin Anasane is President, ACDA

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Computer Dealers Association

(ACDA), has announced the names of the office bearers for the year

2010-2011 post the elections held in April. Nitin Anasane has been

appointed as the President and Prashant Naik as the VP of the

Gujarat-based trade association.

“I am elated to be nominated as the

President of ACDA for the FY 2010-11. It was a general decision taken

by the members. Currently, I will be concentrating on the summer

exhibition, which is planned for June and also the PC Utsav, which

will be conducted in January next year. In order to maintain a steady

growth in the market, I feel that relationship with any IT company is

very important. During the summer exhibition there will be companies

displaying their products along with live demo,” said Anasane. “We

do not mind adding members to our association but we expect them to

be genuine and know the tricks of the trade to deal with the

customers,” he added.


Along with IT fairs, ACDA plans to

associate themselves with other social activities to benefit the

rural and tribal people. According to Naik, “The main focus will be

to educate the tribal students in Melghat near Chikhaldhara. We would

teach them the basic use of the computer, difference between desktop

and laptops.” ACDA also plans to introduce a special program among

their partners in order to increase the growt style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;">h


the business in the market. “We want to engage a particular

company with one partner in our region so that this will help them in

achieving their targets smoothly and without any confusion. If every

partner is dealing with various product brands, they do not achieve

their targets on time. So it is better if the partner decides to

stick to one company and reach his targets with the same,” added


Also ACDA is facing problems regarding

fewer number of service stations in their region. Partners have to

send products to Nagpur to get them serviced. According to the

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is a major

concern when it comes to sending products to other regions.


Executive Body of ACDA (2010/11)

Nitin Anasane: President

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Yogesh Agrawal: Secretary

Rajesh Ingle: Joint Secretary


Ravi Budhlani: Treasurer

Deepak Mordia: PRO

Nilesh Khandar: Executive Member


Deepesh Doshi: Executive Member

Saru Sirsat: Executive Member

Sachin Deshmukh: Executive Member


Sachin Palsokar: Special Advisory Panel