NISG and IBM India tie up to pursue e-governance initiatives

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The National Institute of Smart Government (NISG), and IBM India have signed

a Memorandum of Understan-ding (MoU) that marks the beginning of a relationship

pro-moting e-governance at the national level.

According to the press release, the MoU represents a significant initiative

that will help India to develop different egovernment applications using open

standards and IBM’s e-governance frameworks. NISG’s mission is to deliver

bet-ter citizen services, reduce ope-ration costs, establish techno-logy

standards for application development, enhance the agility in the government in

India. Under the MoU, IBM will provide NISG with technology and services that

will enable the government to better serve individuals or organizations, and to

promote partnerships between the government and private enterprises in

imple-menting egovernance projects.

IBM will share with NISG its e-governance framework, which is based on

platform independent, open source and open standards technologies including



"Linux is increasingly being used in the egovernment space

worldwide," said J Satyanara-yana, CEO, NISG. "Our decision to partner

with IBM underlines our vision to establish NISG as an institution of excellence

in e-governance and to leverage private sector resources thro-ugh a

Public-Private-Partner-ship mode in egovernance sp-ace in India, which will help

dr-ive greater transparency, agility, better citizen service and quality

education," he added.

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